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October 19, 2016

Special Appearances of people in our lives

Special Appearances of people in our lives


You are receiving thousands of messages from the Universe every single day. Learn to become aware of this communication from the Universe, that is speaking to you and guiding you in every moment. There are no accidents and no coincidences. Every sign you notice, every word you hear spoken, every color, every scent, every sound, every event and situation is the Universe speaking to you and you are the only one who knows what they mean and what the communication is saying.

The Universe Sends Us
Exactly What We Are Ready For
At The Exact Time
We Need It.

Use your eyes to see! Use your ears to listen! Use all of your senses, because you are receiving communication through them all. We interact with many people on an average day, some interactions are insignificant some are worth remembering, but sometimes we meet people who affect our lives to a certain degree that from that point onward our life changes it course. These people are usually sent by the universe to convey its message to us.

So who are these people? They can be anyone, a friend, a colleague, a random person you meet at work. And what do they do? Well they have a very simple function they serve as a compass that sets the course of our life. We should never ignore these signs and people that the universe sends our way as often they are the answers to all our prayers of our dire times.

These people with guest appearances in the storyline of our life provide us a learning experience, by providing insights about us or the world around us. I believe that whenever there is something or someone new in our life its an opportunity for us to explore ourselves.

Embrace uncertainty
some of the most beautiful chapters
in our lives won't have a title
until much later.

Often these people are not there to stay forever in our lives, they often serve their purpose, lead us to our better versions and bid farewell. This void created by their departure provides us new opportunities to explore new horizons of life. They often stay with us as a happy memory and sometimes otherwise but what is important is that we should never forget them or the learning experience they shared with us.

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  1. Inzamam says:

    Nice Blog. We always have to learn from our surrounding, this universe is full of learnings.

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