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September 2, 2016
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September 28, 2016

Something I’d like to share on my birthday.

Something I’d like to share on my birthday


Birthday’s by definition are the most special of the days in any person’s life and one thing that every birthday brings along with itself is a caravan of memories, reminiscence of the years gone by, memories happy and sad, cheerful and chaotic.

Today is that special day for me and I can’t help but look back and reflect at the past 5 years of my life and where they have led me to. I am everything today that I dreamt of and this wouldn’t have been possible without the people who came along in my journey.

People good and bad both helped me a lot in turning my life into something that I can value and cherish. But something that I have always believed is that the negative people that you meet in your life, contribute the most in it.

Good people give you Happiness,
Bad people give you Experience.

How so? You ask. Let me enumerate the type of ‘bad’ people that give me the positivity I needed to reshape my life for the best.

  • “People who betrayed me”
  • “People who left me behind”
  • “People who did not trust me or my talent”
  • “People who were ungrateful”

Well now that’s off my chest, why not tell you a little about the brilliant people who helped me consolidate the path which I am on. Even though I am mentioning the good people who touched my life in the latter part, that doesn’t mean that I value their contribution any less. In fact, I believe if bad people give you the fuel you need to embark on the journey to success, then the good people in your life provide you with the direction and guide you to it.

Blessed are those,
in the company of good people.

Having said that let me thank the people who provided the positive influence in my life.

  • “My mentors”
  • “My Family and My Friends”
  • “My Colleagues”
  • “My Brother”

Coming to the end I would like to thank anyone and everyone, who visited my life and left or are still along in this journey with me, that they knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly led me to this place in time. And trust me when I say, nothing Is more beautiful than the present.

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